Investment Funds

We manage investments on our clients’ behalves in regulated investment funds managed by many of the world’s most highly rated fund managers.

The universe of investment funds is vast. The number, however, that consistently outperform and add value to investment portfolios is small. For this reason we invest huge effort in identifying, evaluating, meeting and monitoring those who fall into this exceptional group, an effort that takes us all over the world.

The use of investment funds in portfolios is an excellent way to leverage resource and expertise. The managers we select draw on the input of large teams of researchers and analysts across the globe to identify suitable investment opportunities and to deliver outperformance. By working with “active” managers who are not overly “benchmark constrained” we can ensure that our clients have well diversified and proactively managed portfolios spread across a wide variety of territories, asset classes, risk profiles and investment styles.

Our range of investment funds covers traditional asset classes and more specialised funds focused on specific sectors such as emerging markets, small caps and alternatives. Our client portfolios benefit from the ability to tailor exposures across all of these areas and to easily alter the constituents at any stage.

Liquidity plays a significant role in our investment thinking. For this reason, most of the investment funds we utilise trade on a daily basis and are fully regulated.

To learn more about our fund based investments please click on the following links:

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