The Central Bank of Ireland has responsibility to regulate certain activities. In relation to any of the activities that fall within this remit and in which we operate, Aria Capital is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Further information on its regulatory role is available on the Central Bank’s website

Aria Capital is also registered under the European Communities (Insurance Mediation) Regulations 2005 and is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland, in accordance with the provisions of Section 116 of the Consumer Credit Act, 1995 (as amended) and Sec:on 33C of the Central Bank Act, 1942 (as amended).

Based on these authorisations, Aria Capital is permitted to receive and transmit orders relating to investment and life assurance/protection products from Product Producers from whom it has a written letter of appointment. Aria Capital is also authorised to act as a deposit broker and to give advice in relation to deposits. Aria Capital is also authorised to act as a Mortgage Intermediary.

The products for which Aria Capital has appointments to act are deposit instruments, units or shares in collective investment schemes including unit trusts and UCITS, tracker bonds, shares or bonds that are listed on a stock exchange, insurance policies, personal retirement savings accounts, mortgages, and health insurance. These include life assurance and other protection policies, pension products (including small self administered pension schemes), and savings and investment life assurance policies.

Aria Capital’s Registered Number is 442904 and Aria Capital’s Central Bank of Ireland Reference Number is 47638.

Aria Capital’s Terms of Business for regulated activities is available here.

Aria Capital’s Privacy Statement is available here.

Aria Capital’s CP116 Commission Summary Document is here.

Aria Capital’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation statement is here.

Aria Capital’s Schedule of Charges are available by clicking on the following links:

–  Aria Capital Schedule of Charges for Platform Portfolio Accounts
–  LEAP Pension and A(M)RF Accounts Held with Independent Trustee Company

Aria Capital does not hold client assets. For more information on measures in place to safeguard client assets please click here.