Cash Flow and Net Worth Planning

Without defining a target it is difficult to design an effective strategy. Therefore, for many clients we start by gaining an understanding of what their financial objectives are and we then prepare financial models that demonstrate the most effective path to achieving these objectives.

The starting point is to prepare a detailed analysis of your current assets, liabilities, obligations and income. Then we analyse how these translate into cash flows over time. This enables us to tailor an investment (and sometimes debt) management strategy that can reach your objectives without taking any more risk than is absolutely necessary.

Our work can include:

  • Assessing the valuation of current investment, pension and personal assets.
  • Analysing borrowings including repayment schedules, maturity profiles, interest
    rates, covenant tests, etc.
  • Preparing detailed cash flow projections from now until a defined point in the future (e.g. retirement) that takes account of all anticipated changes such as asset realisations, pension encashments, loan repayments, job changes, etc.
  • Modelling the impact of these cash flow changes on your net worth
  • Recommending an effective investment strategy in the context of these analyses