Our Process

Listening & Understanding

We start by listening carefully. We develop a thorough understanding of your profile, preferences and expectations through discussion and risk assessment. We consider broad financial planning requirements including pension, taxation, inheritance and cash flow planning.

Analysing & Assessing

We assess and analyse what structures and strategies are most suitable for you and your family. Risk management is an overriding consideration throughout the process.

Recommending & Explaining

We design a solution to meet your specific objectives, and explain our rationale and recommendations in detail to you. Depending on your requirements, we will focus in on specific services and solutions while ensuring that all advice is considered holistically.

Implementing & Supporting

Only when you are absolutely ready do we implement the agreed strategy. We guide you through the process and make every effort to make it as straightforward as possible for you. After implementation, we continue to monitor and support you, and remain in ongoing communication with you.